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Riegl Kink Project Idleness of Thought

The debut album „Idleness of Thought“ by the Riegl Kink Project is now available for listening. Listeners can stream the complete album or individual songs on Spotify or download them through iTunes. Additionally, there is a limited CD edition available, which includes a 30-page booklet in A5 format.

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What are music and lyrics all about?

The title Idleness of Thought

by Markus Kink

Recently, I was sitting at a bar during a theater premiere. A familiar face, the head of a company, had also wandered into this small independent theater. As we sipped our beers, waiting for the play to start, we were unsure what to expect. The sign at the entrance promised a three-hour discourse theater, without intermission. Our conversation turned to tolerance, and I declared myself extremely tolerant, with only a few exceptions. Asked which these were, I replied promptly: Intellectual laziness or Idleness of Thought!

If sloth in the heart is contrary to communion with God and is a deadly sin in religion, then sloth of the mind is an equally serious offense. For mental laziness is not just an offense against human intellect.

Those who are intellectually lazy often look for simple answers to complex questions in an increasingly complex world. They content themselves with constant media exposure and consumerism; believing it’s acceptable to publicly share their most private thoughts because they feel they can’t change anything, and basking in the approval of their social media followers. Holiday television programming becomes a highlight of their year, and films are chosen based on entertainment or action content. In an era where an average e-book reader can store 500 or more lengthy texts and make recommendations based on other customers‘ purchases, intellectually lazy individuals increasingly view books with suspicion. The rise of populists and the cynical attitude of many people, including decision-makers, towards any future beyond selfish self-interest and personal gain, have their roots in this intellectual laziness.

Due to intellectual laziness, outrageous actions can become normalized. Examples include the criminalization of humanitarian aid, as seen in the Mediterranean refugee rescue efforts, and the behavior of the former U.S. President, who accumulated numerous scandals and disseminated lies, as well as over 90 criminal charges, yet still has a chance for re-election. The young people’s commitment to a radically different climate policy is demeaned by the political class, despite the movement’s demands being based on scientific knowledge. This list of normalized absurdities extends further, including Brexit, the U.S. trade war, and the Hungarian government’s campaigns against refugees. Also, it encompasses the German Ministry of Agriculture’s policies that contradict animal welfare ethics, among many other examples.

Lyric Pic - Zombieland

Thanks to this intellectual laziness, unsustainable conditions remain unquestioned – to give one last example: who really wants to know what industrial meat production does to living beings, when they’re sitting with organic red wine in front of a juicy, appetizing steak from organic grass-fed cattle?

The solution seems simple: Think. The motto of the Enlightenment: Sapere Aude. Dare to use your own mind – but that’s strenuous! And who wants to make an effort in times of convenience (as food, as an attitude)? It’s certainly easier to join the culture of outrage on social networks than to think for oneself, read books, engage with quality journalism, and do one’s own fact-checking when in doubt.

This world seems to be simply found this way today. But does it really have to be like this?

Lyric-Pic Funny Place

Lyrics and Music

The lyrics and music of Idleness of Thought primarily explore the repercussions and implications of intellectual disengagement. However, we, the creators, do not intend to admonish or disassociate from the world, acknowledging our part in it.

The lyrics are a blend of personal and political introspection. Musically, this album signifies the collaboration of two experienced musicians in search of novelty and a means to express our inner selves. Our approach combines experimentation with a focus on results, always seeking to innovate in groove, harmony, arrangement, and lyrics.

This album, while being a personal endeavor, would be all the more gratifying if it resonated with listeners as well.

The Songs

  1. Funny Place
  2. The Epic Siskin (Sings Again)
  3. Fire & Fury (Leviathan Prelude)
  4. Leviathan Unleashed
  5. That’s Paradise
  6. Mad Men
  7. Zombieland
  8. Chip Ahoi
  9. No Right to Blues
  10. Pills
  11. Outta Gas
  12. Astray
  13. Sunny Day
  14. Call to Nowhere
  15. What She Said
  16. Clouds And Rain
  17. In My Head