Two Dudes. Music.About the Riegl Kink Project

The Riegl Kink Project consists of just two musicians, Thomas (Riegl) and Markus (Kink).

Who We Are

Thomas, who is an IT specialist in real life, has devoted his life to music. He used to play the guitar and sing in not less than four musical formations playing a dozen or so gigs every month with his cover and party music bands – until the pandemic outbraked him – while writing and producing music with the other groups. He is not just a fluent and accomplished guitarist and singer, he plays (of course) the bass and can express himself on the keys as well.

Markus who holds a Ph.D. in political science and works as a journalist and filmmaker, is a passionate drummer and writer. He has played in various formations from Rock bands to Prog Rock and Indie Pop. His musical interests and influences cover a wide range across all kinds of music – except the top ten. His lyrics are political and personal and sometimes both at the same time.

Our Approach to Music

What unites these two musicians is the openness for a variety of different styles and genres of music. During their song writing sessions there is no pigeonhole thinking, no egos filling up the rehearsal room’s space. They simply try to each other, trying to understand what he was just playing or wanting to express and never being satisfied with just the first idea that came along.

It’s no wonder both, Thomas and Markus, would describe the writing chemistry as extraordinary.

The fact that the Riegl Kink Project is made up of just two musicians has some interesting implications. First, even at an early stage in song writing, Thomas and Markus always have to think outside of their own instruments, imagining what a bass, a keyboard or an additional percussion would sound like, how vocals could complement the song and what section could serve as a chorus, verse, bridge, c-part and so on.

Second, there is no chance to play a live gig in the near future, given the simple fact, that two persons cannot play several guitars, bass, drums and keyboards at the same time while they are singing main vocals, harmonies and backgrounds.

Finally, and due to the points mentioned afore, the focus is always on recording and production. When Thomas and Markus formed the Riegl Kink Project, they both seemed to have had the need to find an outlet for their musical explorations and ideas that they had not been able to express in other settings.

Watch the promotional video for our debut album Idleness of Thought!